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Blog - 1st Quarter 2022

The truth about rest has been made clear to me after many long years of activity and busyness.

Looking back at the 10 years I've been a painter, what I remember most are the times of "doing" and the effort I put into the process of learning. I'm sure many of you can relate to the hours and hours of activity that have honed your skills in your field of choice.

But now, with Spring about to come to us again, what I'm thinking about is the "non-doing" and the "being" that has shaped my work.

What do I mean by "being?" I'm not sure, actually. This is a topic that has been discussed by others, but I was struck by it just yesterday when I took some time to listen to some music.

Although I was active in a sense, always paying attention to those "ing" words, my body was at rest and I wasn't striving to complete a check mark on my list of things to do.

And I realized how, for me, it can be refreshing when I am away from my paints and studio for a period of time. Perhaps it's as simple as developing a longing for my paints, yet I sensed a deeper refreshment was occurring.

Nature tells us that dormancy is necessary for growth. Plants stop growing and conserve energy until better conditions arrive. It's been interesting to look at the research on why this occurs and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's still a mystery. In spite of the fact that dormancy requirements have been known for two centuries, the biological basis behind the need for rest remain elusive.

So while I can't tell you why it's so important to relax and refresh, I can tell you that my cells know it's crucial to future growth.

Can you see this happening in your world? It can apply to any activity, but it seems like a rest from something can increase our passion for it; like the gardener who dreams of warmer weather and returns to the garden in Spring with a revitalized enthusiasm.

In the end then, creation itself is completely dependent on the "ings" of resting, relaxing, and pausing. It's the "being"and "non-doing" that allows for growth and innovation. Count me in on some of that. Maybe you too? Where can you apply this truth and let it bring back some vitality for you? I'd love to hear about it.

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