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Blog - 3rd Quarter 2022

Why Paint?

There's a quick answer, I guess. I love paint as a noun. Paint in and of itself is very attractive. It's gooey, fluid and colorful. Those are things I like. That's easy.

But the verb to paint is harder to explain and understand. I've been painting for about 10 years now and still can't easily explain my fascination with it.

It's something I can do at home.

I get better if I try.

It affords connection to others.

Ah. Maybe that's it. In a past life I was a research analyst. Now there's a job that doesn't afford connection with others. No wonder I disliked it!

This idea of connecting with others does mean a great deal to me. I see painting as my side of a communication loop. My effort isn't really complete until I close the loop by talking with others about the piece.

We talk through features of the painting and discuss what works and why. It's such a fantastic opportunity to connect over something that I've created.

So although gooey and messy, paint is a conduit for me. It helps me express my experience and then connect with others over the outcome. And as connection is a primary force for me, I am so very grateful to have opportunities to do so through art.

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